Perhaps if more schools around the nation would follow the example of this Indiana school, by honoring those who have served their country, America would perhaps be a far better country today.

By the looks of how this military themed school project has gone viral around the internet, it may indeed inspire other schools to perhaps honor those that serve.
It’s that very same sentiment and inspiration that has people congratulating a young man named Jacob from Indiana who was assigned this art project at school and knocked it out of the park, with an ingenious work of art.
The school project was delivered to school and was ready to be graded.

The project itself was that of “Old Glory” in red, white and blue, and one might ask what was so special about a flag painted in red, white and blue?

However upon closer inspection the items used in creating “Old Glory” wasn’t paint or colored paper or even perhaps colorful ribbons, this montage was created with approximately 4,466 individual toy soldiers, each painted in red, white or blue, and strategically glued and placed on a large board to create the stars and stripes.


Here it is folks! Delivered to school and ready to be graded for Jacob's art project!! 4,466 army men painted red,...

Posted by Stacey Bishop-Feazel on Thursday, 18 February 2016

The total time it took in creating this masterpiece, approximately 52-hours.

h/t: Young Cons



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