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The “4th Estate” commonly known as the mainstream media has always influenced the political discourse, and in particular the ability to push, frame and or set the narrative on whatever progressive social and or political agendas it deems worthy.

This latest attempt by the “extreme left” in their grand scheme to continue socially engineering America, and to change a vital part of America’s economic structure and perhaps the very foundation of a free market society.

And replacing it with what progressives have dreamed for decades, by introducing a guaranteed government income that would replace both welfare and Social Security benefits, in short guaranteeing that everyone regardless of working status, citizenship, individual ambitions and or talents, would in effect become a “WARD OF THE STATE.”

Of course pushing the continued dismantling of America’s ideals and principles and doing Obama’s bidding of “transforming America” is the mainstream media along with social media, and those progressives attempting to push the concept of “Socialism” within America’s workforce.

“Guaranteed income to replace welfare, Social Security”? Is the headline currently appearing and making the media rounds is a preemptive attempt to condition the public by floating out this plan similar to that of ObamaCare, and thus undermining the very concept of what has made America unique for almost 300 years, the ability to dream, to strive, to succeed, and “yes” to fail…that unique trait within the “human spirit” and what a truly “free society” offers and what a repressive society destroys…”our individualism”.

The progressive establishment points to the rise in global income inequality, as a rational for a guaranteed income, and the indisputable facts that America’s economy is going through historic changes, which no doubt is accurate.

However historically America has gone through this before during our own “industrial revolution” then as now what is needed is decisive leadership, not what we have currently residing in the White House, an administration that has the lowest GDP rate (under 3%) in the history of presidency.

A Donald Trump Presidency is exactly what America needs, someone with the experience to turn our economy around, and get America working again.

Moreover the progressive establishment along with the mainstream media always attempts to blur Social Security and welfare together as an entitlement, in their continued attempt to push and control the people, with the end goal of complete government dominance.

Source:San Diego Tribune



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