Welfare abuse isn't just big in the United States, it also plagues the U.K. welfare system. Cheryl and Rob Prudham from Kent, England just announced that Cheryl is pregnant with their 12th child. The Prudhams already receive $60,000 in benefits annually, and this new little Prudham will get them a raise of around $1,000 per month.

The welfare system in the U.K. has a max out of around $42,000 USD annually in benefits, so how do these two and their gaggle of children get around $18,000 more a year? They've figured out how to play the system to their advantage. They both have jobs caring for the elderly that results in tax credits that make it possible for them to earn more money.

As though the welfare abuse itself wasn't deplorable enough on its own, the Prudhams actually brag about their abusive behavior. The Daily Mail reported that Cheryl explained how she was able to redecorate her home with the money, plan a lavish Christmas party, as well as plan family vacations. While the Prudhams are abusing the system and getting money from the taxes of the citizens that actually work for their earnings, many families that have a moral compass pointed north, aren't able to afford parties or vacations.


Smoking and possibly drinking, WHILE PREGNANT!

The sense of entitlement that plagues much of the world needs to be stopped before it gets any worse. Behavior like the Prudhams and the government allowing the abuse to continue is what causes economies to fail. Nobody wants to see a family of 11 (soon to be 12) put on the street, but there needs to be a resurgence in personal responsibility and living within their means. We live in a society that praises excess, the bigger the better. Materialism has become a disease and welfare abuse the side effect. While yes, there is a true need for some people to receive welfare if they're down on their luck and between jobs. However, these systems make it too easy for people to get more money doing nothing, than they would working an actual job. Until the systems are corrected and personal responsibility returned welfare abuse will continue to exist.




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