Few Americans other than political insiders had ever heard the name “Huma Abedin” until the past year when she has emerged from two scandals and, although far from a household name, her place at the center of Hillary Clinton’s email scheme and as the publically humiliated wife of serial sexter Anthony Weiner is now well-known.

Abedin, who was a White House intern in the Clinton administration, became so close to the couple that Clintons have said she is “like another daughter” to them and the former president officiated at the 2010 Abedin-Weiner wedding.

Hillary hired her as Chief of Staff for the State Department years and as vice chairwoman for the current presidential campaign, but little has been known about Abedin’s past until recently.

A Muslim raised in Saudi Arabia, Abedin served as an associate editor at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from 1996–2008 and now, long lost footage from a broadcast on Western Michigan University TV in 1971 reveals fascinating background on Abedin’s family background, which has been associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Her father, an Islamic scholar with ties to the Saudi government, is seen in the video discussing Sharia law, which he says Arab states must uphold throughout the world.

“The state has to take over as Muslim countries evolve,” Professor Syed Abedin said.

“The state is stepping in in many countries … overseeing that human relationships are carried on on the basis of Islam. The state also under Islam has a right to interfere in some of these rights given to the individual by the Sharia,” according to the father of Hillary Clinton’s top advisor.

Syed Abedin also blamed the hostile reaction of “many faithful Muslims to the West” on what he called the non-Muslim’s destruction of “the integrity of our ethos … the integrity of our culture.”

This, then, is the family ideology of the woman who will be ever-present in the Oval Office if Hillary Clinton is elected in November.

h/t FreeBeacon

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