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The presidential campaign of self-avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), running as a Democrat, is attracting throngs of enthused college students flush with all the knowledge imparted by freshman “Introduction to Political Science” classes, and millennials convinced their student loan debt should be paid by others, but who have no understanding of the consequences of his socialist policies when actually put into effect.

While students of history and even some politicians know that socialism is a flawed system that has failed in every instance when adopted as a form of government, even the most idealistic college student “feeling the Bern” should be able to see the very real impact of socialism on the people forced to live under it just by glancing at an online news source or the “trending” section of their Facebook page

Unfortunately for Bernie, the empty shelves in grocery stores, triggering looting and violence as people fight for basics like food, diapers, toilet paper, and medication are less than glowing recommendations for the policies he is advocating in his campaign promises.

And even Bernie seems to know it as he was caught without an answer when Spanish-language network Univision’s Leon Krauze asked the Democrat presidential hopeful to “explain the failure of leftist governments” in Latin America, where the “socialist model in Venezuela has left the country near collapse.”

“Right now I am running for president of the United States…” began Sanders in a non-reply.

When pressed again by the interviewer, Sanders could only say, “I am focused on my campaign.”

By comparison, the presumptive Republican nominee, billionaire Donald Trump, has been consistently forthright – and unabashedly so – from the beginning of his campaign in his goal of securing the border, which would protect legal Hispanic immigrants who have sought a better life than the one they left behind in Latin America.


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