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Lawmen on horseback chasing down bad guys to stop a shootout on a city street doesn’t exactly conjure up images of a November afternoon in Newark, New Jersey, but that’s what happened last week as three modern-day desperadoes were arrested after their gunplay was interrupted.

Newark Public Safety Director, Anthony Ambrose, told reporters that officers with the city’s mounted police force were on patrol when they came across a man, Alex Cora, 39, shooting at two others, William A. Jones, 20, and Quamarly Boykins, 18, who then returned gunfire.

The three, all Newark residents, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and weapons offenses. Cora had a loaded 9mm handgun and police located two more after obtaining a search warrant for a nearby barbershop.

It isn’t the first time the mounted unit has saved the day – an officer on horseback apprehended a shooting suspect fleeing through the downtown streets of Newark in 2014.

The city had briefly discontinued the mounted patrols due to budget constraints in 2011, but with the guys in the white hats chasing down the guys in the black hats, it looks like the horse officers will keep their jobs for the foreseeable future.


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