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Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows, and perhaps there’s noting stranger then President Obama inserting himself into of all things the question of Cruz’s citizenship, which of course is s none-issue.

Trump being Trump, is always looking to mix that bowl of controversy to his advantage.

Moreover Trump was instrumental and rightfully so, in questioning Obama’s own sketchy background, from his sealed school records, to his apparent bizarre use of alias to the continued and nagging question as to his actual origin of birth, which too many has yet to be resolved.

Perhaps that’s the reason during the White House press briefing White House spokesman Earnest was asked about Trump questioning Cruz’s citizenship, in that Cruz was born in Canada, to an American mom, which of course makes him an American, and which had Earnest quipping when asked if the President was enjoying the dust-up; “I don’t know if he does, but I sure do,” leaving reporters chuckling at his response.

Earnest then seemed willing to feed the narrative questioning Cruz’s citizenship.
“It would be quite ironic if after 7 or 8 years of drama around the president’s birth certificate if Republican primary voters were to choose Senator Cruz as their nominee,” he said. “Somebody who actually wasn’t born in the United States and only 15 months ago renounced his Canadian citizenship.”

However the true irony might yet prove after this character leaves the White House, and no longer enjoys executives privileges, that he may indeed not be an American citizen…and that America was scammed.

Do you think Obama has any right to question Ted Cruz about his birth location?



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