No matter what you call it, a grant, a loan, a gift, or a donation; in actuality it’s nothing more than a 10-million dollar bribe, to push a radical and dangerous political agenda.

And no matter how you dress up this bribe, at it the end of the day even the funds used to support an Islamic Law Center for students at Yale University appears to be tainted.

The donation in question by Saudi banker Saleh Abdullah Kamel and earmarked to study Shariah Law, may actually have its roots to none other than Osama Bin Laden himself. In that the group called Dallah Al Baraka, and which Mr. Kamel is the CEO, has been investigated by the United States multiple times for funding Al-Qaeda’s operations around the world.

Saleh Abdullah Kamel

“Mr. Kamel’s extraordinary generosity will open up exciting new opportunities for Yale Law School and for the entire university, said Yale President Peter Salovey.

However the bank that Kamel now works at was founded by Osama Bin Laden with a group of Sudanese jihadists.

Multiples witnesses in the 1998 New York City trials of Al-Qaeda members testified that Mr. Kamel’s bank had relocated thousands of dollars to Al-Qaeda in order for them to buy a new airplane.

What seems apparent is that well-financed Islamic extremists are pouring millions of dollars into ivy-league universities which are regarded to be the best colleges in the country, and aside from Yale, schools like Columbia, Harvard, Rice and dozens of others, are also being targeted

Source: Daily Caller


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