A successful bank robber needs to be smart and lucky, and those who aren’t fail at their chosen profession –sometimes fatally, as an Ohio criminal learned last week.

Terry Frost III was smart enough to figure out the time an ATM transfer at a Madisonville, Ohio branch of a Fifth Third Bank was scheduled to take place, but apparently didn’t know what type of ammunition to load in his weapon prior to his attempted heist.

And he was just unlucky enough to have an armed, off-duty police officer inside the bank who did, in fact, know how to load his weapon with the right ammo.

The encounter cost the 20-year-old Frost his life.

Frost timed his robbery to occur immediately after the designated teller withdrew almost $100,000 from the bank’s ATM, and the youth – a standout on his high school track team – is seen on surveillance camera footage sprinting into the bank and vaulting over the counter to grab the bank bag full of cash.

Finding himself face to face with Officer Ken Hankerson’s – correctly – loaded weapon, the young would-be robber pointed his gun, concealed in a plastic grocery bag, at the officer and pulled the trigger.

It misfired.

Frost had loaded his .38 Derringer with .380 ammunition, which caused it to misfire.

Hankerson’s weapon, loaded with the right ammo did not.

He fired, hitting Frost in the chest twice.

Hankerson, who served in the U.S. Army, has earned two commendations since joining the Cincinnati Police Department in 1997, and has never been involved in a fatal incident.

The 20-year-old Frost was tracked by K-9 officers and found dead in a wooded area shortly after the incident at the bank.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters announced that the officer will not be charged.

“It was as clean a police-involved shooting as I’ve ever seen.”

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