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The caption of this incredible post on social media reads "Black mother tells Michelle Obama like it is!" and oh boy does this woman tell it like it is!

This black voting woman lets it fly after being sick and tired of hearing that she is SUPPOSED to vote for Hillary because she is African-American and Hillary says so.

Democrats are constantly harping on the black community that they owe their vote to Hillary if they know what is best for them but that trend has come to and end after years of Democrats failing them miserably.

Many black voters are looking for a change, any change really but this time around Donald Trump is the anti-establishment agent of change that black voters like the one in this video are supporting. And who is worse than Michelle Obama at putting this expectation out there? No one...

Sit back and enjoy this ripping commentary on the Democratic party and their arrogant assumption that they are owed the black vote...


What do you think of this black voters point on how Michelle Obama and the Democratic party expect the black vote without delivering any results?

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