Michelle Obama gave a commencement speech to the graduating class at Tuskegee University in Alabama this and what a speech it was. Queen Michelle went off on a rant about how unfair life will be to these black students.

She is telling this young group of graduates that they will be discriminated against repeatedly as a fact of life.

This is the first lady of the United States that is instilling resentment into these kids for things that haven't even happened to them yet.

This is also the same woman who has is currently being sued for using taxpayer money to fund her lavish vacations.

Clearly she is doing fine in this country that she feels has done so much harm to her. Her kids go to some of the most expensive PRIVATE schools in the nation. Furthermore what Michelle Obama thinks are racial issues are just a part of life for everyone regardless of race. Yes, people will not pay attention to you all the time. Yes, you may not get that perfect job you wanted right away.

She mentions that people will mistake these students as 'the help' at formal events. Boy does Michelle hate this one.

There is the time someone asked her at Target to help reach something on a high shelf and she accused them of being racists.

Sorry but everything is not a race issue Michelle.

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