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Hillary Clinton was recently busted in yet another epic lie about her emails, by none other than the State Department. During a press conference last week, Hillary claimed the messages from her private email address when she was Secretary of State were immediately saved. Explaining that she wanted to use only one email for both work and personal events, that it was allowed. Any emails she sent to State Officials got saved on their end by the State Department records keeping system.

If this had actually been a Disney film, the speed and length of Hillary's growing nose would have probably killed one of the front row journalists.

Jen Paski, the State Department spokesperson, shared on Friday that the department didn't start saving emails automatically until February of this year. That's 2015, folks. The State Jen PsakiDepartment has been planning on routine email archiving, but didn't actually put it into place until recently. Any archiving would have been the responsibility of the account holder. Yeah, that means Hillary already knew they didn't archive anything, and to save any messages was up to her own devices. On top of all of this, an inspector general's report that was released a week ago noted that archiving was not happening on a regular basis.

The fact that Hillary got away with using a private company to send and receive emails that dealt with national security is extremely disturbing. By deleting more than 30,000 emails because she claimed they were personal is a measure born out of desperation. Information is power, and any employee of that email company, who doesn't have a national security clearance, can make a pretty penny selling server-side copies of those emails to enemies of America.

We also need to keep in mind that all of this was revealed because of the Select Committee On Benghazi investigation. You remember that, yes? Where the action or inaction of one Hillary Clinton got an US Ambassador killed, along with three other Americans? This woman is directly responsible for more damage to the United States than most communists in foreign countries who dream of our downfall.

Jen Paski went on to say that any unsaved information may be recoverable. Smart girl. Emails have an origin server, hops to several different IP numbers which are also servers, to a destination server, where those copies are stored. With a private company being outside of the government's security loop, those emails may very well be in multiple countries by now, being read by those who wish us harm.

Hillary Clinton's incompetence is our nation's worst threat to national security, and now she may end up running for President? We can only hope that she runs into a wall of voters who are willing to deny this estrogen saturated monster from gaining anymore power.


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