OOOOOKlahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping…

Sure, visions of tornadoes dance through our heads, but if you can get past that, then perhaps that is the state to relocate too. It looks like they might be the start of a revolution in this country, and certainly one we can all get behind.

They don’t like Obama. Really, when you think about it who does? So, in an effort to deal with the Emperor Tyrant in the White House and his incontinent lap dog congress, the state governor and legislature stay one step ahead.  They say they are sovereign, meaning they are legally and constitutionally holding to the notion of state’s rights.

For example, you probably won’t be reading about a school shooting in Oklahoma because trained staff are packing and they know how to defend your kids.

They also know how to educate them as they have flat-out refused to implement the Common Core-rupted curriculum. Illegal aliens are arrested and kept in jail until if, and when, they can be deported.

They also take their DNA, that way if they come back, and happen to be arrested again (and we all know they will be), their identity is not a mystery. Driver’s licenses are only for those people who can pass the English only test.

Obamacare isn’t happening in that state and they will not bow down to the illegal long-arm of Obama’s make believe lawman, the EPA.

Every other state in this nation should be paying attention to Oklahoma. They are leading the way down the path to our nation once again being bold, brave, and free.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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