On Saturday, April 16th, a group of five Navy SEAL parachutists skydived into Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee to kickstart the Orange vs. White spring football game.

The five members jumped out of a plane flying overhead and managed to land in perfect succession on the field. The maneuver was also part of the Knoxville Navy Week.

There has since been footage released (both videos and selfies) online that shows everything from the SEALS waiting inside the aircraft, to the jump, to the descent from the plane. Neyland Stadium has a capacity of 102,000 people, but during the Orange vs. White Spring football game it was only 60% full. The unit of Navy SEAL parachutists are also known by the name of “The Leap Frogs.”

This is seen clearly as the managed to reposition themselves multiples times during their descent.

The SEALS seem so relaxed that they even took a few selfies while plunging to Earth. While watching the video, you can hear the crowd cheering and chanting as the five SEAL parachutists make their way to the turf.

After everyone landed safely, “The Leap Frogs” gave each other a big high-five in front of a booming audience.

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h/t: Live Leak

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