It would be almost impossible if you truly love America, to view these videos without being emotional.

This particular event took place in Washington. D.C. near the Lincoln Memorial at the annual Rolling Thunder celebration in which thousands of bikers from all across America converge to pay tribute to those that have served and fallen, defending America’s values.

What has fast become a tradition a “The Lone Marine” in his dress blues stands at rigid attention in a precise salute, with white-gloved fingers extended to a slight degree, standing tall without the slightest movement for 3-hours.

He stands in the center of the wide boulevard as a continues passing caravan of motorcycles pass slowly on both sides, some stopping to return the salute, some honking in support, and still others stopping to sprinkle water on his neck, and to whisper words of encouragement to “The Lone Marine” who has dedicated his life to being there annually and to pay tribute those vets who served, riding their “Harley’s” with flags fluttering in the wind.

The video’s are a reminder of those who fought and died to keep America free, and as one reporter exclaimed as she covered this moment those words etched in the hearts of every warrior who has ever served… “You never give up, you never surrender!”

This is an incredible news report from Fox:

Another amazing clip:

This video features a tune by Billy Ray Cyrus called ‘Some Gave All’:

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