Politics are said to make “strange bedfellows” as seen in the close, near-father and son relationship forged by 1992 rivals Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as the oft-cited cordiality of ideological foes President Ronald Reagan and Speaker of the House “Tip” O’Neill that was said to sometimes extend to a civilized drink while finding common ground.

If that is true, another seemingly surprising partnership may be in the works as pundits, predictors, politicians and a super PAC are sending out feelers about a possible Donald Trump-Ben Carson ticket on the Republican side of November’s general election.

The brash, outspoken billionaire businessman Trump and the gentle pediatric neurosurgeon were part of a large and diverse field of candidates who sought the Republican nomination as the primary process worked to reduce the number from 17 including governors, senators, Hispanics, a female CEO to the current three: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and Trump.

Dr. Carson, whose story as a conservative, black Christian raised by a single mother in Detroit who became a renowned surgeon is at odds with Trump’s glamorous, sometimes outrageous lifestyle that has been documented in tabloids, was seen by many as too “nice” for the race, refusing to be drawn into the shouting and insult-hurling mayhem of the televised debates, while Trump was in his element leading the way by calling opponents “Little Marco” and “Lyin’ Ted.”

Carson is married to his childhood sweetheart, Candy, whose simple, down-to-Earth style was criticized as matronly; Trump is married to the third of his glamorous former model wives.

While Carson devoted his life to saving the lives of children, including pioneering procedures to separate co-joined twins and in-utero surgery; Trump has built skyscrapers and golf courses, hosted beauty pageants and participated in WrestleMania XX.

In speeches, Trump did more than suggest Carson was a “psychopath” without the mental stability to be president citing Carson’s revelations about his near-brushes with violence as a teenager.

Yet, Carson endorsed Trump and, on March 11, tweeted: “I believe in God who can change people – he can make any of us better.” Trump retweeted: “Dr. Ben Carson – I concur.”

If, as some see as a very real possibility, Trump picks Carson as his running mate, many think the doctor’s considered demeanor and strong faith will be a calming influence on the sometimes-bombastic billionaire.

The Republican convention is set for July 18-21 in Cleveland; the Democrats will meet in Philadelphia for the following week.


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