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Perhaps the best way to describe this failed union of providing a public service with the concept of Sharia, is to perhaps make the analogy of attempting to mix water and oil – it simply can’t be done.

By their very nature, these two entities are simply incompatible and it doesn’t take a business analyst to figure that out.

However it did require a lengthy investigation for the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) to realize that the carrier was apparently putting its passengers at risk by ignoring safety measures necessary for the Air Operator's Certificate.

A three-month investigation was begun in April 2016 after the airliner was grounded when allegations of improper boarding passes and a possible hostage situation surfaced. The hostage concern proved unfounded.

The Malaysian Aviation Commission announced, "Rayani Air can no longer operate as a commercial airline with effect from today (13 June)."

The announcement continued, "Customers who have purchased tickets with Rayani Air but were not able to go on their journey may lodge a complaint with the company and seek a refund. In the event consumers are not able to obtain their refunds, they can file a civil suit for those refunds."

Obviously if you’re a passenger slated to ride this airliner perhaps you should thank whatever God you believe in that this airliner was grounded, and no doubt if you’re a New Yorker there’s something unsettling in providing a commercial airliner and allowing a pilot who believes in the concept Sharia inside a cockpit.

Source: IB Times



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