It turns out that it isn’t just Americans who are sick, tired, embarrassed, and infuriated with our President.

The country of Argentina is not happy with Obama, and although first over the finish line to call out Obama for treason, she is unlikely to be the last.

What’s Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s beef with White House? The Iran Nuke Deal, of course. Her anger has boiled over because Obama has been trying to strong arm her country for 5 years.

President de Kirchner spoke at the U.N. General Assembly on Monday and informed them that our imperialist dictator, tried to get her country to

“…provide the Islamic Republic of Iran with nuclear fuel.”

The “request” was back in 2010 via Obama minion, Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Obama has not denied de Kirchner’s claim.

President de Kirchner said, in a statement that 5 years ago, Samore asked Argentina to supply Iran with nuclear fuel for the “Teheran” reactor, because,

“…negotiations were underway for the Islamic Republic of Iran to cease with it uranium enrichment activities or to do it to a lesser extent but Iran claimed that it need to enrich this Teheran nuclear reactor and this was hindering negotiations.”

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Negotiations with Ahmadinejad! Two years into his presidency, Obama was already trying to screw over America. He declared the war over, and abandoned Iraq to al-Qaeda and its spawn, ISIS, meanwhile he was wheeling and dealing with the enemy who supports ISIS and screams for our destruction.

Treason is a powerful charge, but it certainly is starting to look that way and impeachment may be on the table afterall.

How much has Obama given Iran over the last 5 years anyway?

Source: Political Insider



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