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“I don’t know what drew my attention to the car,” those are the words of Debbie Dills, a 51-year-old florist by trade who was in route to work when something caused her to take a second look at a black Hyundai she noticed on the highway. “In my mind, I’m thinking, ‘That can’t be.’, I never dreamed that it would be the car.”, said Dills. Dills, who is also a pastor of music at a baptist church in Kings Mountain, N.C., said she recognized the vehicle description she had seen earlier on the Fox News Channel.

Dills first called her boss, who in turn called police and advised her to take the license while she kept a close follow. It was almost a full 30 miles by the time police caught up and detained the suspect now identified as Dylann Roof. “It was Him from the time I left my house this morning. It was Him that made me look at that car. It was God who made this happen,” she later told reporters.

Debbie Dills says she's not a hero and that all credit goes to God, “If we are a willing vessel, He can use us. But we’ve got to open up our hearts and minds, He’s got to be glorified in everything.”. Amen Debbie, Amen.


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