What recently happened in Santa Monica, California is every single woman’s nightmare. “Roofy-ing” a woman’s drink has become a favorite past-time of rapists.

Typically the rapist is someone the woman knows – a friend, a first or second date. Then of course there is the rapist the victim just met, say at a party somewhere.

Fortunately for one woman, another woman saved her from rape and Lord knows what may have followed. While enjoying lunch at the Fig restaurant with two girlfriends, a woman named Monica lost track of her friend Sonia’s conversation. Her attention was drawn to the couple seated behind Sonia.

Sonia became curious as to what drew her friend’s attention and a look of horrified shock on Monica’s face.

Monica told her friend, “That guy just put something in her drink,” in reference to the aforementioned couple. The woman on the date had excused herself to the restroom and while she was away from the table, the man poured something into her drink.

Sonia said later, “After a few ‘Oh, God. What do we do’s?” I got up to find her in the bathroom to tell her. Warn her. Tell her to get up and leave this creep. Make him drink it. Something.”

Sonia found the woman in the restroom and told her what had happened to her drink in her absence. The woman was horrified. This was a man she knew and considered to be her “best friend.” She and Sonia devised a plan to capture the man.

The woman returned to the table and put on her game-face engaging in what appeared to be enjoyable conversation. She did not drink from her glass, despite encouragement to do so by her date, the would-be rapist.

The man was nabbed and surveillance video confirmed that he had indeed drugged her drink. His plan was to take her to his home, where her car was parked, and sexually assault her.

Praise these three women for their actions. Too often in this world, people do not get involved to prevent crimes happening in front of their eyes. These three women did get involved, and in doing so they saved a complete stranger from what would have been a brutal attack.

Source: Mad World News



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