America is a pretty generous country. To begin with, we have this thing called the First Amendment, whereby we will tolerate just about anything any retard has to say either, vocally or as some sort of “performance art”  We will sit back and let you burn a Bible.

We will sit back and let you crap on the American flag, burn it, dance around and cheer.  We will do all of those things and gladly defend your First Amendment right to do them.

Here’s the hitch. We have First Amendment rights of our own. Meaning, we can respond. Erica Walker’s employer responded as she took part in a little Erich Sheppherd homage of flag stomping and Black Panther saluting of her own.

She posted that little demonstration of hatred, as well as other terroristic material to her Facebook page.


Someone passed her video and posts along to her boss, 1380 WAOK—The Voice of the Community, and they exercised their First Amendment right to free speech as well, and told her she was no longer welcome. She was fired.  Yay!!!

That slap down was followed up by the response of a US Marine. In short,

“My message to you is this: if you don’t like what America has to offer, pack your s**t and get the f**k out.”


Have fun looking for work Erica.

h/t: American News



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