Our military does the good work of defending this nation and in doing so they prove themselves to be the most caring and compassionate among us.

Who other than such a soulful person would willingly, and without a nano-second of hesitation, would step in front of a bullet to defend the person next to them, let alone the hundreds of thousands back home.

That is why those good people are called in the hearts to take of the cloak of military service, and the rest of us are not. But, we are so incredibly thankful for what they do.

Their care for Americans does not end when they step foot back on our soil. In fact, it never ends.

It is what makes them enlist. Recently one young woman, Tamra Bose had the opportunity to witness such care of another human being while pulled over on a road in Topeka, Kansas.

She happed to be sitting in her vehicle when she saw a man pull over, and out from the vehicle a fatigue-dressed soldier emerged. In and of itself that is not anything one would pay attention too.  It was what he did next.


She witnessed the soldier make a b-line for a homeless guy. Ms. Bose snapped a photo of scene so as to share with the world the heartwarming scene.

The soldier sat down on a bench across from the man and engaged him conversation. What the two men talked about will remain a mystery, but suffice it to say should be a model of character for us all.

Source: Mad World News


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