A single random act of kindness had an unexpected act of appreciation in return. Mrs. Angel Brooks is a young wife and mom, and one of those kind people who pay-it-forward.

She did so, recently, at a Tennessee Hardee’s drive-thru. She paid for the breakfast of the person behind her, and that person turned out to be Monroe County cop, Cody Yates.

Impressed by her generosity, he posted his gratitude to social media and asked for help in tracking her down. When he finally figured out it was Mrs. Brooks, his heart broke. Angel is the wife of man who is enduring terminal pancreatic cancer. She is mother to their daughter, Meagan who is afflicted with cerebral palsy.  

She will soon be a widow caretaking their disabled child. Despite the heart crushing sadness that must be all consuming at times, she thinks of others and does things like she did that day at the Hardee’s.

Officer Yates was not about to let this go. “It made me realize that about everybody that you come in contact with is worrying about all the small things in life,” he said. “That really don’t hold a candle to what some people are dealing with.” He decided to return her kindness, and undertook a fundraising effort.

Within an hour he had raised $520.00. The money was given to Angel and her family. Her husband, Jeff, said, “It’s very overwhelming. I got teary eyed. I’m not going to lie.” What a fine woman he is married to.

When he departs this world he can go knowing their daughter is in the hands of a true angel, and his family is in the arms of a loving community.

Source: Mad World News



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