“There were a lot of people who didn’t do anything. I was the only one that did something. When you see something like that you’re supposed to help.”

(Maurice Osborne-HERO!)

 Osborne is damn right, and everyone who sat by and let a man assault a woman in broad daylight, attempt to masturbate in her face, and proceed to try to rape her, is the epitome of worthless cowards.

How utterly pathetic are they? What a horrific nightmare for this young woman, to find herself being assaulted in the middle of a crowd of people, on a packed train, who chose to look the other way rather than rescue her.

Thank God for Maurice Osborne.


This hero heard the terrified screams and pleas for help from a 28-year old woman, across the length of the train in which he, she, the pervert, 40-year old Alvaro Denica, and all the low-lives who did nothing, were traveling.

Maurice raced through the train and the cowardly crowd to get to the woman. Once at her side he proceeded to do to Alvaro what any one of the other people in the crowd should have done and that was to kick the ever-loving you-know-what out of that piece of filth.

He continued to beat the pervert until the train came to a stop, but Osborne did not stop there. No, he kept beating Alvaro on the platform at the train station, until he submitted in defeat, before dragging him to the nearby police station in what can only be called a “citizen’s arrest” with bonus beat-down.

The victim followed Maurice and Alvaro to the station. Alvaro still denies trying to rape her and only cops to the self-pleasuring aspect of the assault. He was charged, appropriately so, for the entirety of the crime and is being held on bond.

We should all be thankful that there are still heroes in this world, as evidenced by Maurice Osborne. Sadly, there appears to be a lot more cowards.

Which one will you be when and if the situation calls?

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