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Schaquana Evita Spears is a 30-year-old Baton Rouge, Louisiana mother who works as a chef, raising six children on her own while their father is in prison.

And she has a court date.

Determined that her children will “not go down the same road as their father,” Spears took quick and decisive action when she found that three of her sons, aged 10 through 13, had broken into a neighbor’s house.

Spears spanked the boys and found herself in jail under suspicion of child abuse, but after a bail bondswoman, Winter Applewhite, posted bail for her, the single mom returned home to find all six children had been removed from the family home.

“Everything I do is for my kids and because I didn’t want them to commit another crime,” Spears told local reporters. The children are enrolled in magnet schools where they earn honor roll distinction, and she claims the boys got into trouble by being “followers.”

Although she admits to “opening up a can of “Whoop Butt” on them,” Spears believes taking the children away from her was “excessive,” and the case has put her at the center of a debate about corporal punishment, and its effectiveness and psychological impact.

And while everyday people added their comments on Facebook, the single mom drew support from some unexpected sources.

Judge Anthony Marabella lowered her bail from $2,500 to $1,000 and former Louisiana state Sen. Julie Quinn, a lawyer, offered to provide free legal defense work, calling her arrest “absurd.”

State Treasurer John Kennedy posted, “I bet those boys won’t be burglarizing other homes any time soon.”

In fact, even the victim of the break-in, Lisa Nicholson, supported Spears’ actions saying she would rather the mom “chastise her children for their acts than have them be stopped by the police.”

Spears told reporters during the interview that she “couldn’t live” without her children, adding, “I just want my 6-pack back under one roof.”

With the support gathering around her, she may not have to wait long for that wish to come true.

Source: CBS

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