A Baltimore, Maryland woman raised over $43,000 dollars on the popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe because of a letter that she claimed to have received from a neighbor accusing her of having a "relentlessly gay" front yard. Money poured in from all over as she asked for donations to help keep her yard looking gay and festive but several suspicious parts of her story are now being questioned.

The woman, Julie Baker, is a bisexual resident of a Baltimore neighborhood where she has taken it upon herself to decorate her yard using bright colored jars that spell out "Love," and "Ohana," the Hawaiian word for family.

According to Baker, however, a concerned Christian neighbor sent her an anonymous letter asking her to "tone it down" or the neighbor would call the police. Baker took to GoFundMe to raise funds to keep her home as colorful as possible, even suggesting on her page that she might try to paint her roof in rainbow colors.

But after a Snopes reporter asked Baker to see the letter she had supposedly received things got interesting.

Police and detectives in the area told the Snopes reporter that Baker said that she no longer had the letter in her possession. In addition to lacking the physical evidence of the letter, suspicions arose about the legitimacy of the threatening letter and some believe Baker may have typed it herself.

These skeptics looked at the way that Baker capitalized seemingly random words in her Facebook posts, words in the middle of her sentences. That capitalization trend was also visible in the supposed threatening letter which capitalized random words as well.

Additionally, Baker abruptly closed down her GoFundMe site, sending a brief thank-you to the people who had donated and claiming that she wouldn't "take a dime out of this account" until things were verified.

Sounds a little fishy to us too. Unfortunately there are people who are too easily duped by a show of pride or hardship and don't consider the actual reality of the situation they are funding. We can only hope those who donated think twice next time.

h/t: Daily Mail

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