How sweet this story is. It is so nice to read about the good young people of America. Too often we only hear the bad, and that is a real shame, as well as a media-sham, because America is full of awesome young people. 

In fact, there is one such man who worked at the Tifton, Georgia, Publix. While this story is somewhat dated, as it happened back in January of 2015, it is one of those tales that deserves to be re-told because it will put a smile on your face.

An elderly gentlemen, operating a motorized wheelchair/shopping-assist-scooter was making his way through the grocery store with a helper by his side.

The helper, “Roger,” was just an all-American kind of kid; pleasant, respectful of his elders, kind-hearted, and so forth.

Roger was witnessed strolling along with the shopper, keeping pace with his motorized equipment, and gathering the items off the man’s list.

He did not park the man somewhere and run off to gather everything for him, as he most certainly could have, in order to expedite the situation. Rather, Roger, ambled along with the man, thereby allowing the gentleman to retain his dignity.

What a blessing our young people are. Take the time to look up from your news, that implies we live in a world of thugs and school bullies, and realize they are far outnumbered by good kids.

We need to be singing their praises and not sweeping their actions under the rug.

A huge thank you to Roger’s parents for raising a fantastic young man.

Source: Mad World News

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