We all love a good chocolate bar now and then, but some people evidently take their chocolate eating habits to a higher level than the rest of the human race. Such was the case, recently, with a Kit Kat bar and a girl from north London.

Saima Ahmad bought a bulk pack of Kit Kat bars from her local supermarket for approximately $2.88. But when Ahmad went to bite into the chocolate bars renowned for the crunchy wafers inside, she was incredibly disappointed.

"They go about advertising the unique concept of Kit Kat, but I’m so disappointed by what I have purchased," Ahmad said when she realized that the Kit Kat bars she had purchased contained no wafer, just the chocolate portion of the bar.

While most of us would probably chalk the experience up to bad luck and go out and buy another Kit Kat bar, Ahmad, a law student at King's College, London, had different ideas.

Instead of going back to the supermarket she penned an angry, demanding letter to Nestle, the makers of Kit Kat bars, and demanded a lifetime supply of Kit Kats.

"The specific duty you owe in consistency in your manufacturing process. The failure to take due care in the manufacturing process resulted in a product being defective," reads a portion of the letter that Ahmad sent to Nestle headquarters. "The loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance."

While the tone of the rest of Ahmad's letter is in the same demanding style, another message she shared when being interviewed for the story indicated that she was, indeed, trying to milk the situation. "I’m trying my luck, if you don’t ask you don’t get," she said.

It's ridiculous that somebody would claim "emotional" loss just because their Kit Kat bar didn't have a wafer inside of it. Granted, Nestle should avoid the issue in the future, but it shouldn't be Nestle's practice to give someone a lifetime supply of chocolate just because they're offended.

Grow up, Ahmad. There are a million worse things going on in the world.

h/t: Yahoo News

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