We've all seen the high costs that political discussion can have in our everyday lives. Some people can't have a conversation without resorting to anger and others are unwilling to listen to any side but their own.

But in Andover, Massachusetts, a small town north of Boston, one woman took her political aggression out on a local resident in a completely illegal and dangerous way.
Susan Bryant, a resident of North Reading, Massachusetts, visited the yard of Art Gonsalves in the middle of the night to spray paint expletives and slogans on his "Hispanic for Trump" sign.

Gonsalves, who says this isn't the first time that Bryant has defaced his signs, confronted Bryant while she was in the act of spray painting "Gold Star Fail" and "Putin's *****" over his sign. It was then that Bryant jumped in her truck and drove towards Gonsalves, forcing him to throw himself to safety.

Gonsalves, of course, called the police and they were easily able to find Bryant and arrest her on charges of vandalism and assault by means of a deadly weapon (her truck).
For his part, Gonsalves is remarkably calm about the situation, even saying that he wants an open discourse with people like Bryant about the political future of the country.

"We want her to put her sign up and me to put my sign up and let the people decide who gets in there," Gonsalves said, referring to the presidency.

What makes the situation worse is the fact that Gonsalves is a veteran, someone who actually put his life on the line for his right to vote and hold a public opinion. For someone, anyone, to try and take that right away is the exact opposite of the things that he fought for.

So, while Bryant is getting her just desserts, it's still amazing that people would deface and disregard someone else's opinion and property, just because they don't agree. That's what the November election is for, people!

h/t: CBS Boston

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