It's a sorry day when you get out of bed and check the mail only to be assaulted by someone trespassing on your own property – and with the American flag, no less. This insane story comes to you from the small town of Lawrenceville, Georgia. You're welcome.

Dami Arno (we don't know if Dami is a man or a woman) was in his or her own yard when a Muslim woman wearing a burka tore an American flag from his mailbox and brandished it like a weapon.

According to the police report, the Muslim woman, Aisha Ibrahim, started swinging the American flag in "a threatening manner" at Arno and Arno's daughter.

Bear in mind that this happened on Arno's own property in Lawrenceville where he is a respectable homeowner. Of course, as any of us would if confronted with the same situation, Arno fought back and managed to subdue Ibrahim until police officers arrived and took control of the situation.

But then something really ridiculous happened.

Instead of being properly classified as a hate crime, something that is religiously motivated, as was clearly the case in this instance, Ibrahim was simply charged with two counts of battery. Arno was livid.

"A Muslim women tore my flag pole down this morning and attacked me and my daughter with it. After the fight she was charged with simple battery 2 counts, nothing else. No hate crime, no destruction of property, no criminal trespassing – nothing."

Arno's rage is justified. If an American had entered a mosque and started beating someone with a copy of the Quran, you can bet that that the Council on American-Islamic Relations would instantly be involved, condemning the whole situation.

Political correctness only cuts one way, folks – left. Thank goodness Arno had the strength to put up a fight against radical Islamism on the home front.

h/t: Fox News

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