“Our god has larger balls than theirs.”

If that did not grab your attention, and cause you to nearly inhale your coffee, nothing will.

That is part of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s doctrine, according their website.

The reason this is important is because one of its members, Lindsay Miller of Lowell, Massachusetts, just won her right to wear her metal colander, or pasta strainer, as a head covering, just like any good burqa wearing Muslim woman is want to do, for her driver’s license photograph.

Wearing her colander, “…allows her [Miller] to express her beliefs like other religions,” according to wftv.com.

In fact, one could argue that Pastafarian Miller is not only expressing her religious beliefs and forcing the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to acknowledge her First Amendment, but she is also fighting for the rights of women everywhere.

A true feminista who is out there fighting the fight on behalf of all repressed and self-subjugated America Muslim women who “want” to wear their black sheets or hijabs in their photos.

A Muslim woman’s burqa is to that oppressed woman whatever Miller’s colander is to her, or what an alien-woman-suit might be to an enlightened follower of the Church of Ancient Aliens (seriously, there is such a group), or some cloak wearing Druid chick, or the habit of a nun.

Ms. Miller has paved the way for women of all faiths to better identify with the fundamentals of female dress with respect to their religion and let the world, or at least law enforcement, liquor and smoke shops, gun stores, and some voting venues, know just what kind of a woman they are dealing with.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go find my colander and alien suit because I am of blended faith.

I have to head out the door to address a soon to be expiring driver’s license.

Source: CNS News



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