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It seems all that’s required in this politically correct environment, to damp an almost universal and positive act, is for a few individuals to simply voice their opposition.

And that’s obviously what took place in this Massachusetts town when two town officials on the local planning board decided that placing blue ribbons honoring police officers came with an expiration date.

The obvious self-inflicted snafu apparently took place when the planning board first agreed to display the blue ribbons placed on trees by the wives of Massachusetts State Troopers for one month, then of course two town residents complained to the same planning board that there was no official permit to place the blue ribbons in the first place, which of course set the wheels into motion for those politically correct officials, perhaps looking towards election day, to reverse themselves and issued a permit for only two weeks.

This left one State Trooper’s wife disappointed saying she just wanted to honor those officers in their community and to let them know “we are one huge family."

However many within the community are showing their continued support my replacing the blue ribbons on their “private properties and on their homes.

Sadly we’ve been witnessing recently this type of behavior from local municipalities, and gutless planning boards, which simply need to stop. And perhaps the only way is to elect those that still believe in American values.

Source: Fox

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