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Far worst then the obvious bad optics of this encounter, is the sheer degree of willful arrogance and the dismissive attitude towards the American people, shown by these two.

Even during those dark days of Watergate, Richard Nixon felt compelled to finally resign, for the good of the country, and he finally put country first above himself.

Which simply illustrates the degree of contempt the progressive political establishment has towards the American people, to think that this meeting between a former president and an acting attorney general was anything but a prearranged meeting simply defies all logic.

The contempt shown by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in pursuing this narrative is simply why America is in the midst of a political revolution, regardless of what new information emerges from this meeting.

A witness has just come forward detailing the meeting;

“We were waiting for her plane to touch down at the executive terminal area of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor where it’s best suited to control. Clinton’s plane was on the ground already. But he wasn’t there.

We had been hoping to get him out before she arrived, just to avoid too much traffic. They [their planes] were 75 yards apart. We have a procedure we do to clear [space for] a motorcade. As we were ready to receive her, I saw the other motorcade coming in—we were like, ‘great timing.”

The witness also referenced that it was Clinton that initiated the meeting aboard Lynch’s private jet, by simply “walking over” to her plane

“The fact is, he just started walking over. I don’t think it was pre-arranged. He just started walking over and [even her security] can’t tell him, ‘you can’t do that.’

He walked in her plane for at least 20 to 25 minutes and the FBI is standing face to face with the Secret Service and just chatting on the hot tarmac like, ‘what the h*ll’.”

Remember these are the same individuals that pushed a video as the reason why 4-brave Americans died on the night of September 11th 2012, while two of those Americans were still fighting for their lives on a rooftop.

Source: Observer


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