If you missed Lady Gaga singing our National Anthem you missed quite the performance. You might be wondering if she hatched from a rainbow painted egg, or took to the stage in a flag toga.

No, she did not. She took the stage dressed in a classy, yet celebratory red suit. Sure it was sparkly, and suited to the Lady, but it is what she did that gave most folks a shock.

With nails painted blue, and her platinum white locks swept back, she belted out one of the best renditions of the National Anthem ever performed at the Super Bowl. Beyonce ran around in her leather coat and draped in bullets, clearly having lost her pants somewhere along the way

Lady Gaga’s inspiration came from reflection;

‘’No matter what you go through, the same as our country, that metaphor of ‘but the flag was still there’ is so powerful for me every time.”

Beyonce’s inspiration came from the Black Lives Matter and black thug movement.

Lady Gaga explained;

 “I’m really singing it from the heart and I’m also singing it very true to the way it was written, because that’s when I think it sounds its most majestic. There’s no greater honor than standing next to the Color Guard, the Flag, the Army and the Military and singing the National Anthem.”

Beyonce’s rallied the F*** Yo Flag crowd.

Lady Gaga rallied patriotism by humbly paying homage to the American Flag and our nation’s “most majestic” history.

Thank you Lady Gaga.

God Bless America!

Source: Mad World News


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