The Fast Food Wage War is still raging on, and the arguments keep flowing in. One argument is that a wage increase would result in better workers. The theory is that you get what you pay for. If you pay someone a menial salary, you'll get menial workers. But, if you pay workers higher wages, you'll get higher caliber work.

Wages have been on the rise over the course of decades. Yet, somehow complaints regarding poor service are at an all time high, especially at McDonald's (just try asking for a #2 without cheese, see how many times it takes for them to get it right). If pay is in direct correlation with quality of service, the current level of service should be at an all time high. But, it's not. The customer service at fast food restaurants tends to be lacking, much like the food.

Instead of focusing on raising fast food wages to a "livable" wage, people should be focusing on improving their own lives by moving out of the jobs meant for high school and college students on summer break. The purpose of minimum wage jobs isn't for someone to support an entire family flipping burgers. They're there to help teach kids responsibility and customer service skills. If someone wants to make more money, go out and find the job that pays more. If you need to learn a new skill, go get training. The odds are if you can be easily replaced by a machine, then maybe you shouldn't be earning $15 an hour.

Another issue that may arise from fast food restaurants raising their wages is that other businesses will also need to raise the pay for their employees (you can't pay a computer engineer the same as a burger flipper). Which, in effect would result in jobs being shipped overseas, where wages are more affordable.

People tend to be persuaded by what feels good, not by what makes sense. It feels good to say someone should make more money. But, it doesn't make sense to pay someone making a McFlurry, the same as someone working on computers.

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