It would appear (to the dismay of the mainstream media), that the latest national poll numbers between Trump and Clinton have tightened up considerably, perhaps due to the daily email dump by WikiLeaks, uncovering yet another tawdry glimpse into the inner workings of the Clinton machine.

However whatever the reason one thing is assured in that from now until Election Day the voting public will see perhaps for the first time, the real and unmasked Hillary Clinton.

This latest batch once again reveals how the Clinton gang viewed Bernie Sanders, and in an original post Brant Budowsky a Clinton operative and a former legislative director to Congressman Bill Alexander, suggested “paying off Sanders” in support of Clinton.

In an email to Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta, Budowsky details how to get Sanders on board, and writes several options and stating the following strategy for defeating Sanders, one of which was putting money in a bank account earmarked for Sanders and making those funds available to him, including some other odd recommendations to get Bernie on board the Hillary campaign.


And while it’s not clear if any monies actually changed hands, or if Sanders was directly contacted, what is clear is the overall nature of how the Clinton machine operates, pretty much like an organized crime syndicate, in that there are always buffers and operatives running interference for Hillary, so she’s never directly implicated, and it’s a strategy that up until now, has worked for over 30-years and has remarkably kept her out of jail.

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