A newly leaked email from WikiLeaks exposes how the Clinton campaign is rigging polling to show Clinton in a commanding lead. The use of oversampling gives Hillary a huge advantage that Dem0crats use to support their false narrative that Trump is losing badly.

Thanks to the leaked email there is now insight into how and why the Clinton campaign oversamples and then passes the faked results on to the media. reports:

At first, the pollsters were wildly oversampling Democrats – however, they got called out in that mercilessly, so now they’ve switched to oversampling women and “degreed people” who tend to favor Hillary.

They do this to get the polling result they need to promote their narrative that Hillary is CRUSHING Trump and it’s HOPELESS for Trump.

According to these polls and the electoral map (based on the oversampled polling), it will be a REAGAN/CARTER BLOWOUT for Hillary.

Her “average” rally attendance is 380 people, and Trump’s average is 7k.

Um. OK.

As I have said all along – DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

Our North Korea-style government-run media is in on the fix.

According to the Wikileaks email, the Clinton campaign gathers all their “oversampling” data and then feeds it to their MEDIA POLLSTERS.

See how this rigged system works?

The positive news about this scam is that Trump is performing better than the polls say. Trump is an unconventional candidate the likes of which has never been seen before.

Hillary might not want to get too comfortable with her lead in the "polls."

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