The Jordanian government is currently working on a prisoner swap with ISIS. Jordan is considering trading Sajida al-Rishawi, a female terrorist, for al-Kasaesbeh a Jordanian air force pilot that was captured on December 24th after his plane crashed in Syria.

Sajida al-Rishawi was captured in Jordan in 2005 after she committed a terrorist attack that killed 60 people. Her life was spared due to a failure in her bomb belt. Before her capture, al-Rishawi was working with Al Qaeda in Iraq, which has been thought to be the harbinger to ISIS.

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In an interview with Fox News Tom Rogan explained that the release of Sajida al-Rishawi would help to galvanize ISIS and their plan because they could say, "we brought her home and God's purpose for her was to lead the caliphate forward." He also said that once she was given over to ISIS she would inevitably take on a very important role within the organization.

A prisoner exchange between Jordan and ISIS could set a dangerous precedent with ISIS, as it could potentially incentivize them to increase their demands. Rogan said that he doesn't blame Jordan for wanting to bring their pilot home, but the action of an exchange could help ISIS to develop propaganda. Rogan explained that an exchange is understandable, and it's not as dangerous as giving into the ransom demands that ISIS has recently made, such as their demand of $200 million for the two Japanese men they captured.

Regarding the simple prisoner swap he said,"There is an inherent cost to it. . . there is a cost to this, so we always have to bear in mind the calculation of again bringing someone home, but at the same time probably enabling the group through the transfer of al-Rishawi to develop propaganda and continue that spread of terror."

With the United States already doing prisoner swaps that have involved high level terrorist minds, and now the potential for Jordan to perform a swap with al-Rishawi, ISIS and other Islamic militant groups have plenty of grounds for growing their propaganda machines. The danger doesn't only lie in the propaganda that could be generated, but danger also lurks in the new roles these dangerous terrorists will inevitably assume within the organizations.

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