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Wednesday on ABC's "The View", Whoopi Goldberg, the star of the movie franchise Sister Act, thought it wise to discuss politics on her daytime television show.

What came out of her mouth next will not surprise you. Whoopi not only defended Hillary's cowardly actions during and after the Benghazi attacks, but went so far as to say she is "bored" with Republicans' continued pursuit of the truth.

With liberals, it appears that Hillary has already been deemed innocent, and may wash her hands of any possible wrongdoing in the matter. Since when did the court of popular opinion have more sway with leaders than actual facts?

It is a fact that certain things happened leading up to and as the situation in Benghazi unfolded that did not appear to follow typical emergency response protocol. It is also a fact that Hillary acted strangely in the wake of the tragedy, as if she knew more about the attacks then she was letting on, and was nervous the truth would come to the forefront.

Lastly, it is a fact that Hillary jeopardized national defense by using an unsecured email browser, and discussing borderline classified topics with advisors. At the very least Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have proved that Hillary has made poor decisions regarding the security of this country.

How can someone like Whoopi blindly deem Hillary's decision-making in the heat of a crisis exemplary while the secretary continues to exhibit poor decision-making?

If Whoopi truly is bored with attempting to uncover the truth of a national conspiracy, then it is a damn good thing she is an actor and not a writer. Excitement aside, Whoopi owes the mothers of the brave Americans killed in the Benghazi ambush a heart-felt apology.

It is bad enough that they have to listen to Hillary constantly berating them from her seat on top of the mountain of news networks, but now they have to be ridiculed by an EGOT winner as well? Apologize Whoopi, it is literally the least you can do.

Source: Breitbart



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