In the days following the deadliest terrorist shooting this country has ever seen and the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 the world and especially the United States are in mourning. However, in Dearborn, Michigan something else entirely is going on and these Muslims are even getting government money to help their little celebration.

Even after the devastating terror attacks in Orlando liberal still insist that Islam is the religion of peace and that no one must judge or profile these Muslims that time and time again attack and slaughter Americans and Christians all over the world.

This latest move by the Muslim pandering left took place in Michigan and is even costing tax-payer money. Non-Muslim officials in Dearborn, Michigan gathered wearing headscarves at the state's largest mosque to unveil their latest gift to this peaceful religion.

The U.S. Postal office could not have been more excited to deliver their latest gift, a PC stamp that "celebrates the two most important festivals in Islam."


This is in fact the 15th year that this annual ritual of adding commemorative stamps for Islam in what is called the the postal service's celebration series,” and this time it could not have come at a more sickening time.

City officials and the postal service gathered with the local Muslim population at the Islamic Center of America on Friday for the annual 'unveiling party', only hours before the tragic Orlando shooting.

It seems that in this day and age all the world wants to do is attempt to be politically correct in every way possible and cater to every whim of the Muslim population, whether it be allowing any Muslim 'refugee' into our country to do who knows what and potentially go on a massive killing spree.

Maybe it's just change American laws and try to do away completely with the religion that this country was founded upon to usher in a new age of Islamic tyranny under barbaric Sharia law.

Either way one things for sure we need to change the direction that our country is headed in fast or before you know it it's going to be too late...

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Source: Mad World News

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