It appears with less than 100-days in the White House that the Trump 2020 presidential election cycle has already begun, with the news that the Commander-in-Chief has already raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $13-million during his 3-months in office.

The report of the president's reelection campaign's “war chest” was reported by correspondent Julie Banderas on FOX News Channel's "America's News HQ."

The report by Banderas was apparently also confirmed by National Review’s correspondent Kelly Jane Torrance who gave a more detailed overview of the fundraising efforts taking in combination with the Republican National Committee, which collectively comes out to about $55 million total.

The president as required by law filed his formal re-election paperwork with the Federal Election Commission in January.

As a point of reference Torrance referenced President Obama along with the Democratic National Committee’s reelection fundraising efforts raised a combined $16-million during the same time frame. However, the former president didn’t file for reelection until April 4, 2011.

However perhaps what’s different this time is that 80% of President Trump’s donations for his reelection efforts are coming as they’ve done in the past from small donors, which has been the driving force behind his success in capturing the White House.

No doubt having a huge “WAR CHEST” is important however the lessons learned during the 2016 presidential election campaign, should remind everyone that what’s important is the message, in that Hillary Clinton outspent President Trump in some states by a margin of 10 to 1, and yet lost those counties. While President Trump spent very little during both the primaries and his presidential bid.

Remarkably he was able to actually use the media, with his non-stop rallies that generated huge crowds and a nationwide audience on almost every nightly news channel.

And while President Trump’s approval ratings are currently around 30-40% his appeal to take his message directly to the people is perhaps his greatest asset, his power to connect to his base is remarkable, and his "Keep America Great," slogan and his ability to also keep his campaign promises, is perhaps equal to any “war chest.”

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Source: Fox 29

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