It should no longer come as a surprise, that America is a tale of two different and opposing views. On one side are those that believe that the “ends always justify the means”, and on the other side of the equation are those that believe that the “law of the land written within our Constitution, should be respected and enforced by those that have sworn to do so, for the betterment of a civil and law-abiding society.”

And so when illegal alien students are given a “special celebration” in their honor at San Francisco (where else) State University, it should surprise no one, that this is a “state university” funded in part by the tax payer, which doesn’t seem to matter any longer.

The event was hosted by the student organization Improving Dreams, Equity, Access and Success (IDEAS), 25 students who are residing in the country “illegally” gathered on campus for the public university’s first annual Beyond Borders Graduation. According to the Golden Gate Express, SFSU’s student newspaper, around 300 friends and family members also attended the ceremony.

SFSU’s official commencement ceremony isn’t until May 22, but Nancy Jodaitis, advisor to IDEAS, said the special ceremony on May 17 was more “intimate.”

“It’s more intimate, so people tell their personal stories,” Jodaitis told the Golden Gate Express. “The stories are all different, but the challenges and struggles are very similar and this is a safe space for them to share.”

Of course as in all manufactured “utopian societies”, reality will inevitability set in as minority student Niike Andino explained;   “People complain and protest all the time about the rising cost of tuition, but then you have situations like this where undocumented students have their own ceremonies, “The student government needs to wake up,” Andino said, calling the celebration a “total waste of money.”

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