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If anything this 30-second video clip is perhaps as close to an honest statement that Hillary has spoken within decades.

And perhaps the reason why Clinton hasn’t had a real press conference nearing 300-days. In that her candid remarks when confronted by a black activist may put her at odds with her own public persona.

Which of course is the continued progressive agenda of victimizing African-Americans, while supporting those very same progressive policies that she and President Obama have created, in continuing the victimization of black America in the first place, through one failed social welfare program after another.

The video clip simply reaffirms Hillary’s shameless hypocrisy and her arrogance as she confronts the black activist attempting to have a substantive dialog about violence within the black community, and that white violence will always be a problem, however before he could complete his thought process, Hillary interrupts him saying:

“If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people.”

What seemed apparent was that Hillary couldn’t handle a serious discussion without engaging in some drama.

However what was actually extremely telling in how Hillary would govern as president, was in her closing remarks, suggesting that she didn’t believe in “changing hearts” but rather in changing laws, and allocating resources, in short pushing whatever agenda needed through mandates, without the support of the people.

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