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It’s a safe bet that if Republican legislative leaders in both houses of Congress had the backbone of their conviction to impeach Obama when it truly mattered, that perhaps this issue of “transgender bathrooms” would have in all likelihood would not have been an issue at all, and that’s the true tragedy for America today.

The Republican controlled Congress did not act to impeach years ago when it counted, because they simply lacked the political will to do so.

While individual states like Texas and Oklahoma have continually been in the trenches fighting the good fight against a lawless and egregious administration, so-called conservatives in Congress simply stood silent.

Once again Oklahoma is leading the charge by introducing a measure demanding President Obama be impeached for “recommendations” sent out to public schools “asking” that they cater to transgender students and allow them to use the restroom of the gender they identify with rather than their biological one.

Legal experts told local media the impeachment call is on shaky ground since the recommendation offered non-binding guidance and did not have the force of law.

Oklahoma State Representative John Bennett, a Republican, said in a statement the White House policy was "biblically wrong," and a violation of state sovereignty.

However the true tragedy for America is that there was by definition “force of law” to impeach this character on a variety of issues from usurping the Constitution, illegally creating laws, failure to enforce existing laws, creating massive entitlements based on willful and misleading falsehoods to brokering dangerous deals with our enemies without disclosing the exact true nature of those deals to Congress, thus willfully putting at risk our national security.

Source: Reuters



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