President Obama's disdain for Israel, and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu, is no secret. The president's unwillingness to stand up to Iran is no less a secret. A meeting held in Baltimore, according to the New York Times, with senate members of his own party truly seemed to put both on display.

The close door meeting on Thursday was merely supposed to be a Democratic party meeting that turned into an argument over Iran, and according to the Endowment for Middle East Truth, the president took a verbal shot at Israel.

The argument, or as the NYT put it “sharp words”, were exchanged between President Obama and Senator Robert Menendez. Menendez raised the concern that the U.S. Needed to return to sanctions against Iran to thwart their nuclear missile program. The president said, in the “heated exchange”, that he would veto any attempt to move legislation forward to return to Iranian sanctions.

It just so happens that Republican Senator Mark Kirk, and Democratic Senator Menendez were drafting legislation that would trigger such sanctions. The back and forth came about towards the end of their Q & A, in which, Democrat leaning Senator Angus King requested an update on the matter.

So, why did Mr. Obama refuse to support such a matter? Politics, of course.

He apparently expressed that their bipartisan legislation would “undermine” his authority, and derail the alleged talks between the U.S. and Iran. He went on to take a personal swipe at Senator Menendez by saying that he understood the “pressures” the senators faced from their “donors”, and to take the “long-term” view, rather than a move to make “short-term political gain”.

You can say that, Senator Menendez, did not take that “lying down”. It was at this time, reports indicate, that Menendez stood up from the table and expressed that he took “personal offense” to the president's implications. It was this statement that the EMET said was an a “classic anti-Semitic canard” that “Jews control the world” through financial means.

“President Obama must know that anti-Semites both within and without the United States will repeat this charge ad nauseam, and use it as ‘evidence’ for their conspiratorial delusions that American Jews control U.S. foreign policy.”

It is certainly unclear of his exact intentions, but considering this comes days after his snub of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it would stand to reason that there might have been more behind the statement than meets the eye. Of course, this was also not the first time he had snubbed the Israeli leader.

The Huffington Post reported the aforementioned snub in March, 2010. President Obama walked out on a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leaving him feeling quite embarrassed.


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