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Judge Jeanine Pirro, the no-nonsense former District Attorney from New York, is famous for pulling no punches and she certainly held nothing back when she appeared on “Fox and Friends” praising Donald Trump and Mike Pence at the expense of President Obama and Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Trump and Pence, in Pirro’s words, “Get it.”

Pirro was referring to the display of leadership by the Republican presidential ticket while President Obama… played golf.

The remarks came as the two re-arranged their scheduled appearances to fly to Louisiana to view the flood-ravaged area around Baton Rouge that has damaged 40,000 homes and taken 13 lives in the past week.

Days of torrential rain have led to what the worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy in 2012, but Obama has remained ensconced in a private 28-acre, $50,000 a week estate on Martha’s Vineyard while Louisiana newspapers called for his attention.

Instead, it was Donald Trump and Mike Pence who traveled down to the region meeting residents, lending support and letting the people of Louisiana know the thoughts and prayers of the nation are with them.

Such visits, while doing little to actually help, bring much needed attention to relief efforts spurring much-needed donations to agencies such as the Red Cross.

Pirro, who has known Trump for many years, said “That’s the kind of president that, if elected, he will be.”

Noting that President Obama had no plans to go to Louisiana, Pirro said, “ This is consistent with President Obama. He doesn't feel our pain, he doesn't make believe he feels our pain. Let him go off into the sunset on his golf cart.”

Update: Several hours after Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence arrived in Louisiana, the White House announced that President Obama will also visit sometime next week.

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