What are those strange sightings in sky hovering over Washington State? Are they UFO’s or perhaps an alien ship that’s come to visit?

In actuality those strange sightings are fleets of Army helicopters that apparently make daily visits flying over homes usually just after lunch. However, two new videos that were posted last week indicate that there are a formation of helicopters operating over Washington State that could be other than military.

The following videos were provided by two eyewitnesses and uploaded on June 10th 2015 on the internet, you can hear both a man and a woman describing what they’re seeing as  "Apache like" and "white," assuming they are United Nations helicopters.

"I have never seen so many attack helicopters at once in the skies around here before," wrote Liberty's Champion; "special training or some unique circumstance perhaps?"

Both videos included Jade Helm in the titles, but only the first video indicates that the helicopters are white and possibly United Nations. Frankly, when viewing the video, it's hard to tell what color the helicopters are due to where the sun is in the video. However, according to All News Pipeline, "…the word we have gotten from a retired US Navy SEAL source, they ARE likely United Nations choppers.

The likelihood of more military operations being conducted as part of the Jade Helm exercises within American cities is almost a certainty, and no one disputes the need for military training. However, doing so in cities, among the population, is a really bad idea. It not only conditions citizens to accept such things on their streets, but it also conditions the soldiers to do the same thing. In fact, it is questionable as to whether the military should be training at all on American streets, and to have the UN as part of military operations on American soil quite frankly sends a chill down the backs of many Americans.



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