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If you thought the destruction of property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was bad, the destruction of lives was even worse. One bystander who wasn't involved in the violence at all was injured in such a way that the fact that he's still living is miraculous.

18-year-old Ben Olsen was walking down a Milwaukee street when one of the violent protesters fired a shot. The stray bullet entered Olsen's neck on the right side, clipped a vertebra and then lodged in a pocket of tissue at the back of his neck.

Olsen, doctors say, is lucky to be alive.

The bullet hasn't yet been removed, as Olsen demonstrated for reporters. It's still lodged at the back of his neck and Olsen can touch and move it around. Doctors are waiting for it to move before they go in and remove the bulled.

It's amazing that none of the groups who were involved in the destruction that ripped through Milwaukee have apologized to Olsen or his family. If the bullet had been on a different course by mere millimeters, Olsen could be paralyzed or even dead. The violent protesters, however, haven't done or said anything to show support to the Olsen family.

The violence Sunday was spurred by the death of an armed black man at the hand of a police officer. That officer, however, is rumored to be black himself, making the violence even more senseless.

It's time for these violent protesters to realize that their anger needs to be directed in a controlled manner. Their actions can and do affect the communities around them, often for the worse. If Olsen comes out of this event unscathed, he will simply be a miracle in the face of destruction and violence.

Let this be a lesson that violence doesn't occur without consequences.

h/t: Weasel Zippers, WISN


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