Get ready, America. Another un-armed black teenager has been shot and killed. You've probably already heard about it, or read about it in the news. The riots have already begun in response to the slaughter of black teen Zachary Hammond, aged 19.

You haven't heard about this death-by-cop?

Oh, that's right, you wouldn't have heard about this potentially “senseless killing.” Why?

Zachary Hammond is not black. He is white.

Zachary Hammond was shot in Seneca S.C. by police in July

The details of the death are murky, and little understood at this time. What is known is that Hammond was with a lady friend, enjoying their first date at a local Hardee's. At some point in the evening, Hammond, while still in his vehicle, was approached by an undercover officer conducting a drug bust. The cop is claiming self-defense with the accusation that Hammond drove toward him.

Hammond’s parents have accused the office of vandalizing the scene, by high-fiving the young man’s dead hand. Witnesses seem to claim that something was removed from the trunk of the cop’s car and planted under Hammond’s dead body. Hammond’s parents have requested the DOJs involvement, and it appears she and the FBI are taking this seriously having launched an investigation.

Parents of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond, Angie Hammond and Paul Hammond, have asked repeatedly for the dash cam video to be released by police

There will probably be no forthcoming news in this regard. It is highly unlikely that there will be a not-so-peaceful riotous protest, which is a good thing. Hammond is white. He does not matter to these people. Only #blacklivesmatter. If there is no chance for a violent riot, then there is no chance a news van or an agitator, like Sharpton, with a paid-for bussed-in crowd of thugs, will ever make an appearance in Seneca.

While the lack of a riot is fantastic, the duplicity of the media is disturbing. Unless the killing-by-cop is of a black person, and unless the situation can be sensationalized, it does not merit acknowledgement by the media.

This is a very serious situation and it is newsworthy. The DOJ and FBI have taken notice. Unfortunately, it is clear that only the drumbeat of racism is what matters to the media. The under-handed involvement of the media in ginning up riots when a black person is killed by a cop, and the lack of reporting of a story, such as this, because the deceased happens to be white, is utterly despicable, but not surprising.

h/t: NY Daily News

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