In a tragic incident that's garnering almost no media coverage whatsoever, an 18-year-old man from London, Ontario, was killed after he was shot multiple times following his attempts to track his lost cellphone.

Jeremy Ryan Cook reportedly left his cellphone in a taxi cab and used the phone's tracking feature to determine its location. With a relative he drove to a parking lot where he saw a car with four men inside. Cook reportedly walked to the car and spoke to the men inside.

As Cook was speaking with them, one of the men left the car and walked away. The other three men remained in the car and attempted to drive away. Cook grabbed the open driver's side door as the car left and attempted to climb inside. He was found some distance away dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

Though the police don't have any suspects apprehended currently, they have descriptions of the three men in the car when Cook was killed--they are all described as black men.

London, Ontario police were quick to mention that Cook made a mistake in trying to climb inside the moving car and suggested that, instead of tracking down his phone by himself, Cook should have contacted the police. However, even the news article which reported this event did its best to cover up the fact that Cook's killers were three black men.

While the liberal media is incessant in their attacks on white-on-black crime, no media outlets are brave or strong enough to cover and denounce black-on-white crimes. This disparity likely comes because reporters and news outlets are afraid of the blind backlash that comes whenever race is mentioned in a way that seems to put blacks in a bad position.

In no way am I saying that blacks are more violent than whites. It's just that death and murder is something that we all should get angry about, no matter the race of the attackers or victims. We need peace, not violent, race-filled remarks.

h/t: Global News, LiveLeak

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